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I’ve been thinking about this and I think I know who it is. It is “Lack of discipline”.

Lack of discipline reveals it ugly face in so many poker situations, it is always creeping behind you and stab you in the back when you least expect it. Right?

Let me give you a couple of examples of when the enemy might attack you:

  • Play too many hands – your thinking: “this is sooo boring, please let me play some more hands” – you know it is wrong, but sometimes the enemy defeats you
  • Don’t fold when you know you should – you have a strong feeling that it is bad to call that bet, but you just can’t help yourself
  • You play when your tired, drunk or on tilt – the bankroll you have carefully built up over weeks or months is blown during one night when you shouldn’t have played
  • You play on higher levels than your bankroll is suited for – oh, it is so tempting I know!
  • You’re not really focusing on the game, you are thinking about other things or surfing the web while playing
  • You are not in physical shape to play top-notch poker hour after hour – but it is so boring to go to the gym. But maybe tomorrow?
  • You do not develop your skills, you don’t practice poker – you just play. That’s more fun after all, isn’t it?

That’s just a couple of examples. And you know what, I still loose this endless fight from time to time. But I try to think about it, and I try to not loose to often. Stay tuned and I will share some of my ideas on how to defeat the enemy.