Skill or luck in poker?

Is poker mainly a game of skill or a game of luck?

The question is a hot topic in several countries in the world right now. In Sweden there are ongoing trials that will depend on input from the experts. In an interesting article in Aftonbladet Dan Glimne refers to “Statistical Analysis of Texas Hold’em” by Sean McCullochwhich who has studied 100 million played hands in cash games with blinds of $1 and up.

Some of the conclusions are that 25 % of the hands went to showdown. In these showdowns the best starting hand won 50 % of the time.
So the best starting hand is only winning through showdown 12,5 % of them time! Furthermore somenone is winning the 75 % of hands that never went to showdown. Through skill, luck or aggression?

What do you think?


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